Monday, June 29, 2009

MUNICIPAL WASTE "Massive Aggressive"

After many hours of drawing the new cover for Municipal Waste is finally finished.It was a good project to work on,I learned a lot about communicating better with the clients and how to stipple faster.New album "Massive Aggressive" is coming out in August on Earache Records.Mark Reategui did the layout.
I did about 30 different face designs for the main characters.Here is some of those drawings.


Murdoch said...

Wow, those faces are bullshit good.
Don't know how you picked one!
Some of your best stuff

Anonymous said...

Too bad you didn't post the cover art of 'The Art Of Partying' here, I just wanna say that I looove that cover T.T is so awesome! Like the illustrations, colors and all of it! Like your art ^^ and my english may suck, but I guess I say everything right.

And yes this cover is kick ass too :)

Akmal said...

nice artwork friends!